BERWANGER - Exorcism Rock
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rachel mallin
radar state
The Grisly Hand
The Sluts
The Uncouth

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Madisen Ward & The Momma Bear, Radkey, Jade, Bird, Yungblud, HaHa Tonka, Making Movies, The Grisly Hand, Yes You Are, Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang, Train, Republic Tigers, The Architects, AY Musik, Radar State, Katy Guillen & The Girls, Mumford & Sons, Berwanger, Minden, Rachel Mallin + The Wild Type, Too Many Zoos, The Big Iron, Triptides, Jorge Arana Trio, Chase The Horseman, Akilles, The Sluts, Me Like Bee’s, Mikal Shapiro, The Soft Reeds, La Guerre, Jaenki, The Conquerors, Schwervon, The Thunderclaps, Momma’s Boy, MikiP, Sulu Moon, Chase The Horseman, The Whifs, Drugs & Attics, Dead Voices, Krystal Warren, Lazy, Teach Me Equals, Grand Marquis, Ernest Melton Trio, Sam Baker, The Uncouth, Lesbian Jungle/J Debarge, Hi-Lux, Charlie Straw, Cat Scan, Ernest Melton, The Roseline

Hermon Mahari, MikiP, Sulu Moon, Mensa Death Squad, Youngblood Supercult, Brandon Phillips & The Condition, Other Americans, Outsides, Mommas Boy, Westerners, Kelly Hunt, My Brothers and Sisters, Scott Hrabko, Not A Planet, Shapiro Brothers, The New Riddim, Tambourine Club, Edisen, Fiction Department, Spirit is the Spirit, Riala, The Too’s, Maps for Travelers, Dead Girls, Various Blonde, Headlight Rivals, Nicholas Saint James, The Golden Republic, She’s a Keeper, Kirsten Paludan, Enebade, Gamelean Genta, My Oh My, The Noise FM, Root & Stem, Abel Ullon, Rudy Swain, The Blackbird Revue, Brian Marquis, Witch Jail, The Electric Lungs, Andrew Foshee, The UK’s, Bummer, Brad Cox, The Ragged Few, Coyote, Royalphonic, Lucky Graves, The Yotes, Silver Maggies, Quadrigarum, Sinple, Palace, Vi Tran Band, Cownboy Indian Bear, Dead Voices, Shadow Rabbits, Sneaky Creeps, Psychedelic Black, Fritz Hutchison Band, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Max Justus, A.J. Young, The Roseline, David Birchfield, Rick Gibbons, Kelly Gant, The Gadjits, John Keck, David Newbould, Samantha Clemons, Janet The Planet, Sage N Sour, Maria the Mexican, Youngblood Supercult, Star Haven Rounders, Black Mariah Theatre, The Gorlons, Hidden Pictures, Mace Batons, Black Stacey, Savannah Terez, The Phantom, Admiral of the Red, Narkalark, Alien Jones, Famous Mammouth, Speed Levitch/Richard Linklater, Actors & Actresses, Satori, American Slim, Phil Neal and the Wornells, Clairaudients, People Watching, Jupiter and the Moons, Poet Jen Harris, Freon Cool, Ben Moats, Mike Gray, Drew Black & The Dirty Electric, Kissanova, My Boyfriend on Vinyl, Dinsdale, Dreamwolf, Clay Hughes, Dylan Mosis, The Clementines, The Good Hearts, Connor Leimer,, Bryant Carter Band, Sons of Great Dane, Rex Hobart, Lee Nichols, Jenny Carr, The Magnetics, Modern Day Fitzgerald, Outlaw Jake, The DooDads, Satori, Stone Blind, Molly McLaughlin, Ghost Mountain Revival, Chants to Retreat, Sarah Slaton, Wyatt West & The Urbanites, The Coyote, Ned Lud Band, Jerame Gray, Black Mariah Theatre, Various Blonde, Brent Windler, Kian Byrne, Dustin Morris, Mr and the Mrs, Max Haverfield, Aaron Moran, Adam Ruskowitz, O’nelly, Make Your Mark, Adam Mcgill, Lennon Bone, The Forensics, From Clay, Lazy Projector, Kurt Wheeler, Atomic 50s, Candy Ass, Nathan Corsi, Pale Blue Dots, Inside Voices, Wallace Loyal, Ain’t Right, Amy Ward, Jim Button & the Beholders, Christopher Goode, Shaun Crowley, Danny Hatem, Greg Bortnichak, Eating Club, Adam Grodin, Vessel Worship, Auto-Wolf, Kyle East, Lee Nichols, Mike Gray, The Caves, Hidden Pictures, Appropriate Grammar, Bummer, Minds Under Cover, Weed, Parts of Speech, Loose Park, The Electric Lungs, Admiral of the Red, Teri Quinn, Witch Jail, Vohnkar, Remy Styrk, The Old Son, Sour Babies, Hipshot Killer, Stephone Singleton, Conner Leimer, The Revelators